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Chair & Table Trolleys

Heavy Duty Skate / Roller Kits Heavy Duty Skate Kits for short, variable transport distances. Kits include 4 roller skates, 2 turntables, 2 packing plates, 2 steering handles, 2 link up bars, 1 draw bar, 1 metal box.
Price: AUD $933.90 (Ex GST AUD $849.00)
Load Skates / Rollers (Adjustable) Adjustable Load Rollers consists of 2 skates joined by two steel rods. Designed for Heavy Machinery Removals
Price: AUD $456.50 (Ex GST AUD $415.00)
Pacific Load Roller Load Rollers Available in different models to meet the needs of specific applications, Load Rollers help ease handling of awkward heavy loads. Option steering Turntable and Handle available.
Price: AUD $119.90 (Ex GST AUD $109.00)
Sheet Material Trolley Back injury saving sheet material trolley allows you to save time and money with every load.
Price: AUD $1,009.80 (Ex GST AUD $918.00)
Table Trolley with Ramp
Table Trolley ideal for storing Round or Rectangle Tables Carries approx 8 Tables up to...

Price: AUD $1,485.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,350.00)
Furniture Dolly with Ribbed Rubber Matting Furniture Dolly with Ribbed Rubber Matting 400Kg's Max Capacity
Price: AUD $215.00 (Ex GST AUD $195.45)
Piano Dolly Heavy Duty Piano Dolly for the transportation of Piano's and other Large, Heavy, Awkward Hard to Move Objects.
Price: AUD $504.90 (Ex GST AUD $459.00)
Rubbermaid 4463 A-Frame Panel Trucks Rubbermaid Gyprock and Sheet Material Trollies are ideal for safely moving large, bulky sheet and panel goods
Price: AUD $660.00 (Ex GST AUD $600.00)
Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck Ideal for moving large, hard-to-handle items including sheet panels, doors, lumber, tables, mattresses, and cubicle walls
Price: AUD $792.00 (Ex GST AUD $720.00)
Cox Mattress / Table Trolley Mattress Table Trolley's are designed Specifically for moving mattresses, tables or other long items
Price: AUD $782.65 (Ex GST AUD $711.50)
Gyprock Trolley Gyprock Trolley is a purpose built trolley for the movement of gyprock or other sheet materials
Price: AUD $1,008.15 (Ex GST AUD $916.50)
Chair Trolley Outrigger Style CC67 Outrigger Chair Trolley is the easiest way to move a stack of chairs from A to B. Ideal for Schools, Concerts, Function Centres and anywhere you have temporary seating
Price: AUD $563.20 (Ex GST AUD $512.00)

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