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Galvanised Workbench MEGAbench Series. MEGABENCH Galvanised Workbench Series. Made Tough for years of use in your factory, workshop or warehouse
Price: AUD $416.68 (Ex GST AUD $378.80)
Mantova Dunnage Racks Dunnage Racks are Manufactured from 25x25 mm square tube. Dunnage shelving is designed to withstand heavy loading and is used to store heavy items off the ground.
Mantova Heavy Duty Wideline Shelving
HEAVY DUTY WIDELINE SHELVING PROVIDES :- Depths of 750 and 900 mm Lengths of 600 - 750 - 900 - 1050...

Mantova Individual Wine Storage Racks Wine shelving utilizes two basic modules. One for "Bulk" and one having "Individual" compartments. Both are common in size and can be interchanged.
Mantova Post Style Shelving with Wire Grid Shelves Shelf Frames are welded 32 mm x 2.5 mm roll formed section with Wire Grid of 4 mm wires spaced on 8 mm cross supports spaced at 25mm centres.
Mantova Project Shelving - Extra Heavy Duty Mantova Project Shelving is designed to accommodate loadings of 300kg each shelf.
Mantova Safe Shelf ADD ADDITIONAL SECURITY to your Mantova Post Shelving. Panels are fastened to existing locations.
Mantova Top Track Compactus Shelving Mantova High Density Shelving Top Track provides clear uninterrupted floor space for cleaning and trolley access
Mantova Wire Wall Shelves Wall mounted adjustable wire grid shelving.
Mantova Zinc Lacquered Posts with ABS Real Tuff Shelves Mantova Post Style Shelving with ABS Shelves
MDF Workbench MEGAbench Series. MDF Workbench MEGAbench Series available in several finishes
Price: AUD $388.19 (Ex GST AUD $352.90)
Modular Wire Shelving Modular Wire Shelving is a strong heavy duty modular wire shelving system that is ideal for coolrooms, commercial kitchens, warehouses, storerooms, garages and homes.
Price: AUD $68.86 (Ex GST AUD $62.60)
M-SPAN: Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving
  M-Span shelf is designed to last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over...

Prestar Worktainer Cage Trolleys
Prestar Worktainer Cage Trolleys have a unique folding design allows the empty cage trolley to be...

Price: AUD $803.00 (Ex GST AUD $730.00)
Prestar Worktainer Security Cage Trolley Prestar Security Cage Worktainer features a powercoated frame and plastic base, providing minimal noise when pushing
Price: AUD $1,375.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,250.00)
Rubbermaid 9T36 Storage Shelving, 4-Shelf Unit Rubbermaid 9T36 Storage Shelving, Durable and attractive Rubbermaid storage shelving units allow you to store, organise and transport in style
Rubbermaid Dunnage Rack Rubbermaid Dunnage Racks are perfect for storing frozen, cold, or dry goods inventory off of the floor
Price: AUD $300.00 (Ex GST AUD $272.73)
Mantova Security Cage fitted with Wire Shelves Mantova Security Cage fitted with Wire Shelves allows storage and movement of costly items with safety and security
Price: AUD $1,573.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,430.00)
Cox Security Trucks - High Volume Fully Enclosed Wire mesh Trolley Cox Security Trucks enclosed in 25mm wire mesh with 2 Full length hinged doors and 2 Fixed wire mesh Shelves
Mobile Linen Storage Trolley Cox Mobile Linen Storage TruckTrolley specifically designed for the easy transport of Bed Linen & Towels etc for hotels, nursing homes hospitals
Price: AUD $1,650.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,500.00)

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