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Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station
Price: AUD $145.20 (Ex GST AUD $132.00)

Rubbermaid Recycling Station is an adaptable Recycling Solution which provides better waste stream visibility by selecting a colour and waste stream label to suit your facility.

Help patrons and staff sort recyclables more effectively.

Features of Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station

  • Starter Kit includes 87L Base, Lid and Connector
  • (NOTE: The Base is NOT a standard Slim Jim Container)
  • Add your required Lid Inserts, Billboards and Labels
  • Lid Inserts and Billboards Available in Various Colours
  • Each label kit includes 10 waste stream decals: Landfill, Trash, Mixed Recycling, Paper, Plastic, Glass, Cans, Bottles/Cans, Compost and Organic Waste
  • Components snap in place without the use of tools or hardware
  • The Lid Inserts feature a hinging lid allowing for larger recyclables to easily fit inside.
  • Venting Channels make removing liners easier
  • Bag cinches for securing bin liners
  • We suggest the following Colour and waste stream pairings:
  •   BLUE - Paper/cardboard
  •   RED -  General Waste
  •   YELLOW - Co-mingled Recycling Bottles/Cans
  •   GREEN - Organic Waste
  •  BLACK - General Waste
  •   DARK GREY - General Waste

Specifications of SLRS Slim Jim Recycling Station

Starter Kit (Base, Lid & Connector)
Waste Stream Label Kits - 10 Labels
BLUE - Paper Lid
BLUE - Billboard
RED - Closed Top Lid
RED - Mixed Recycling Lid
RED - Billboard
YELLOW - Mixed Recycling Lid 
YELLLOW - Billboard
GREEN - Closed Top Lid
GREEN - Billboard
BLACK - Closed Top Lid
BLACK - Billboard
DARK GREY - Closed Top Lid
DARK GREY - Billboard 



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