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Rubbermaid 1993 Closet Organiser

Rubbermaid 1993 Closet Organiser
Price: AUD $74.80 (Ex GST AUD $68.00)

Rubbermaid 1993 Closet Organiser and Tool Holder Kit Helps increase productivity and efficiency through better tool storage and access. Has a variety of hooks and holders to store tools and extension cords.

Use in Hotels, Offices, Health Facilities 

Features of Rubbermaid 1993 Closet Organiser

  • 3 x S-hooks hold 1.6 cm to 3.2 cm diam. brush and mop handles
  • 2 x Deep Double Hooks for easy accessibility
  • 1 x Extension Lead Holder
  • 1 x Clip Holder for work notes and instructions

Order Code  199300  GREY

Specifications of 1993 Closet Organiser

Dimensions: 86cm long x 9cm wide x 11 cm high
5 Hooks
1 Extension lead strap
1 Clip holder for notes

Shipping Information

Pack Quantity      4
Carton Dimensions           
92cm x 30cm x 21cm
Carton Cube                      
Ship weight / Carton          4.88kg



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