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Transit Litter & Recycling Receptacle

Transit Litter & Recycling Receptacle

Transit Litter and Recycling Receptacle, provides an attractive and efficient all-in-one solution for public space litter collection and recycling. Rugged, easily maintained and efficient use of space.

One of a range of Recycling Receptacles with 270 litre capacity

Use in Workplaces, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Parking Facilities, All public areas

Features of Transit Litter and recycling Receptacle

  • Made with durable, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel outer walls
  • Design incorporates three separate openings and three independent
    internal compartments for conventional litter, paper and beverage containers.
  • Dual or Tri stream top-openings available
  • Dual stream receptacle uses 1 x 90 L. and 1 x 180 L. liner
    Tri-stream receptacle uses 3 x 90 L. liner
  • Lid graphics show Litter, Compost, Bottles and Cans, and/or Paper
  • Four different Stainless Steel finishes
  • Surface can be cleaned as needed using a soft cloth or brush with
    warm water and a mild detergent (Do not use abrasive cleaners)
  • Large, hinged side-access doors for easy servicing
  • Quick action Latch
  • Moulded polyethylene lids in three colours
  • Optional Cast Aluminum lids with or without Cast Aluminum rain covers
  • Distinct openings and graphics for litter, bottles & cans and paper
  • Three separate 20 gallon polyethylene liners; 60 gallon total capacity
  • Freestanding or surface mount
  • High recycled content; fully recyclable
  • Anchors , levellers and stainless steel screws are provided when surface mounting is specified
  • Levellers are supplied for free standing units


Overall Height  912mm
Overall Width  1036mm
Overall Depth   495mm
Capacity 270 Litre with either   1 x 90litre and 1 x 180 litre liner
                                                or 3 x 90 litre liner
Overall weight with  Polyethylene Lid       53kg
Overall Weight with Cast Aluminium Lid  58kg  

Contact RJ Cox for choice of options and current prices

Order Code  971152Q Transit, Stainless Steel with Sandstone finish, Black Polyethylene Lid, White Standard Graphic



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