Fallshaw Liftmaster - Rugged Binlifter - Manual

Fallshaw Liftmaster - Rugged Binlifter - Manual

Fallshaw Liftmaster - Rugged Binlifter - Manual
Price: AUD $6,160.00 (Ex GST AUD $5,600.00)

Fallshaw Liftmaster Manual Rugged Binlifter

  • Safe lifting capacity of 100kg
  • Lifts 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L bins (manual adjustment)
  • Hydraulic hand pump operation (no sparks)
  • Fits through internal doorways

The Rugged Binlifter - Manual is designed for maneuvrability.  The small foot print and lightweight combined with spark-free manual operation makes it perfect for building or constructions sites.

Fallshaw Liftmaster Manual Rugged handpump Binlifter is a manual operation and uses a tough hydraulic pump (similar to a car jack). 

This unit is designed for bins weighing up to 100kg and is adial for around 5-10 lifts a day.

The lifting action is a full swing top operation which enables it to be compact in size.  For frequent lifts per day, we recommend the powered unit.

BLHP1500      Manual Binlifter 100 for 1500mm high bins - Dimensions 850L x 850W x 1700H

BLHP1800      Manual Binlifter 100 for 1800mm high bins - Dimensions 850L x 850W x 1976H

BLHP1500LL   BHLP1500 Lid lifter compatible

BLHO1800LL  BHLP1800 Lid lifter compatible

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