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Fire Fighting 1000 Litre Utility Tank
Price: AUD $1,104.40 (Ex GST AUD $1,004.00)

Rotomould Food Grade Versatile Transporter tank is ideal for used as a Fire Fighter Tank or for Irrigation. 

Fits onto most popular makes of trailers and utilities.

Other applications for the Rotomould Utility Tank include - Storing and transporting chlorine based cleaning solutions, food supplements, fertilisers, insecticides and other non-dangerous liquids.  

Features of Rotomould Utility Tank

  • Moulded from food grade polyethylene
  • Suitable for storage of liquids with a S.G. rating of 1.0
  • Rectangular tanks can be strapped to a trailer of utility for easy transportation of the stored luquid
  • Tanks come standard with a lid
  • Fittings are to customers specifications Contact RJ Cox for details
 Product  Code  Capacity  Length  Width  Total Height
 Transporter Tank EO0538   1,100 litre  1525mm  1200mm  1070mm 

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