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Paldisc Lo-Wrapper Stretch Wrapper - Semi-Automatic or Manual

Paldisc Lo-Wrapper Stretch Wrapper - Semi-Automatic or Manual
Price: AUD $13,205.50 (Ex GST AUD $12,005.00)

Lo-Wrapper is a low profile stretch wrapper that features a turntable height of only 26 mm. This allows an operator to use either a hand pallet truck or a forklift to place or remove pallets from the wrapper when a fork lift is not always readily available for this task, especially in smaller operations.

Benefits of the Safetech Lo-Wrapper include:

  • Reduced work effort and risk of injury when wrapping pallets
  • Consistent wrap patterns guaranteed
  • 26mm high turntable provides easy hand pallet truck access
  • Turntable accepts a standard pallet
  • 2000kg capacity
  • Improved mechanical stretch provides constant tension independent of roll diameter
  • Quick release lever to disengage film tension

Semi auto Lo-Wrapper has these additional features:

  • Set and forget 5 pattern memory program
  • No manual effort required
  • Cycle counter
  • Standard 2600mm wrap height

Also available:

  • Lo-Wrapper with Manual mast which has a 2175mm wrapping height
  • Additional Ramp
  • Relocation Frame (attaches for forklift relocation
  • Base Extended by 600mm

Optional extras:

  • Photo eye for semi auto mast
  • Enhanced Photo eye for 'Black Film' Applications
  • Soft Start VSD drive with 3 phase, single phase input (Soft start stop on turntable for gentle start of light loads and accurate stopping of loads over 1000kg)
  • Special roller for applying netting in replace of stretch film
Order Code Description Normal Lead Time
L/S3 Lo-wrapper semi-auto 3 Weeks
LX/M3 Lo-wrapper manual mast with 600mm extended base 4 Weeks
LX/S3 Lo-wrapper semi-auto with 600mm extended base 4 Weeks
L-M3 Lo-wrapper manual mast 3 Weeks
LWRA Additional Ramp 2 Weeks
L3LF Relocation Frame 2 Weeks
S3PKIT Photo Eye Sensor (for semi auto) with unit
S3SSVSD Soft Start VSD Drive with unit
S3TRN Special roller for netting 2 Weeks

Paldisc Lo-Wrapper Stretch Wrapper

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