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Paldisc Ultra-Low Profile Pallet Turntable

Paldisc Ultra-Low Profile Pallet Turntable
Price: AUD $1,954.70 (Ex GST AUD $1,777.00)

PALDISC Pallet Turntable

Is the only ultra low turntable, which can be loaded or unloaded using a hand pallet truck.

It can also be loaded using a forklift.

Is ideal where space is limited, on mezzanine floors, or in clean areas such as in pharmaceutical or food preparation areas.  

Features of PALDISC Pallet Turntable 

  • Gives 360 degree access to hand truck
  • Is easy to rotate, even with a full 2000kg load
  • Can be fitted with a motor for power assisted rotation
  • Solid disc top can be used with or without pallets
  • Less back stress improves work efficiency and reduces risk of injury.
  • PALDISC is the lowest turntable on the market
  • Total height of only 22mm and with a built-in shallow ramp
    Also available without perimeter ramp (See below)
  • Tests have shown PALDISC to be the easiest to use of all low profile turntables.
  • Is ideal where space is limited
  • The PALDISC can be relocated by using a PALDISC Edge Lever and pallet truck (See Below)
  • The PALDISC can be relocated by using a Light Tine Lug ,
    which can be screwed onto the top and can be lifted with fork lift tines.

Specifications for Paldisc Pallet Turntable

Turntable height:     22mm
Turntable diameter: 1100mm
Overall diameter:     1240mm
Total weight:            100kg
Maximum capacity: 2 tonnes 

Order Codes

Tine Lug     MSA04
Edge Lever MSA05
PALDISC (with ramp suited to pallet jack) MSA02
PALDISC (without ramp )                             MSA03

PALDISC square edged

PALDISC square edged

                                                                                                      PALDISC in action

Paldisc in Action 

Paldisc Optional Edge Lever

Designed to allow PALDISC to be relocated using a hand pallet truck only.
The lever will lift one edge to allow a pallet truck to be rolled underneath.
As the lever is removed, the PALDISC will then settle on the pallet truck.
Paldisc Tyne Lug

A light lug, which can be screwed into the centre of the PALDISC
to accept the tip of the forklift tine.
This way the PALDISC can be quickly and safely relocated.

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