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W-Beam Guard Fence - Rails

W-Beam Guard Fence - Rails
Price: AUD $52.80 (Ex GST AUD $48.00)

W-Beam H.D. Modular Barrier System - Rails

W-Beam H.D. Modular Barrier System consists of Posts, Rails , Connectors and Ends. All sold separately.
Designed to protect assets and serve as separation, protection barrier between pedestrians and vehicles.
For use in slow vehicle areas. Parking lots, warehouses and factories etc.

NOTES ON USE: W-Beam Guard Fence (Type D) has been configured
for use as an asset protection system for non-highway applications. 
It shall only be used where impact speeds are less than 30km/hr
(eg. in parking areas, factories and warehouses etc.)

This design should not be installed on the edge of a deck with a drop to a lower level.

Features of  W-Beam Guard Fence - Rails

  • Provides protection to assets and pedestrians, from slow moving vehicles
  • Complies to VicRoads SD3671-E for 'Type D' guard Fence
  • Modular Design with your choice of configurations
  • Choose rail lengths, from 8 options See Below
  • Guard rails interchangeable with competitors W-Beams systems
  • Hot dip galvanised for maximum long term protection
  • Simple to repair or modify

Order Codes  -  See table below

Specifications of W-Beam Guard Fence Rails
Material   Mild Steel 2.75mm thick in eight standard lengths
Finish      All components hot dipped galvanised
Weight    13kgs per metre (approx.)


PART No.    DESCRIPTION (supplied with fixings)
WBR500-2G    W-Beam Rail for 0.5 metre centres   (requires 2 posts)
WBR1000-2G    W-Beam Rail for 1.0 metre centres   (requires 2 posts)
WBR1500-2G    W-Beam Rail for 1.5 metre centres   (requires 2 posts)
WBR2000-2G    W-Beam Rail for 2.0 metre centres   (requires 2 posts)
WBR2500-3G    W-Beam Rail for 2.5 metre centres   (requires 3 posts)
WBR3000-3G    W-Beam Rail for 3.0 metre centres   (requires 3 posts)
WBR3500-3G    W-Beam Rail for 3.5 metre centres   (requires 3 posts)
WBR4000-3G    W-Beam Rail for 4.0 metre centres   (requires 3 posts)

 Posts to suit are sold separately Click here for Posts


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