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Comfy Rib Matting

Comfy Rib Matting
Price: AUD $53.03 (Ex GST AUD $48.21)

Comfy Rib Premier Matting

Is an economical long life mat which can be used to relieve stress on your feet, knees, legs and back after long periods of standing.

Provides substantial insulation.

Slip resistant underlay bonded beneath the foam, to control the mats movement.

Features of Comfy Rib Premier Matting

  • Anti-fatigue Matting
  • Insulates
  • For Dry Areas
  • 12mm thick foam base for anti-fatigue, foot comfort     
  • 3mm, ribbed vinyl top surface is puncture resistant, tough and hard-wearing
  • The ribbed surface provides sure footing and is easy to clean
  • Economical Price
  • Bevelled edges help prevent tripping.
  • Full Roll 6 metre x 0.9 metre
  • Can be cut to any required length (Pricing is Per Linear Metre)
  • Customisable by Length, Width, Shape
  • Standard mat sizes (see below)


PMCR2436 0.6m x 0.9m
PMCR3648 0.9m x 1.2m
PMPC3200 0.9m x 6.0m

COLOUR      Black 
Comfy Rib Premier Matting Mat



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