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Sulo Wheelie Garbage Recycling Vegetation Bins

Sulo Wheelie Garbage Recycling Vegetation Bins
Price: AUD $71.94 (Ex GST AUD $65.40)

Two of a large range of 2 wheel, mobile, Garbage / Recycling bins. Injection moulded from HDPE. Easy to handle design. Available in range of colours.
Available in 120 & 240 litre Capacities

Suitable for Schools, Hospitals, Retail, Manufacturing, Horticulture. Household uses.

Features of 2 Wheel Garbage / Recycling Bins

  • Comply with EN840 and AS4123 requirements for quality
  • Colour range meet 'waste stream' standards
  • Injection moulded from specially designed HDPE
  • Stand up to decay, frost, heat and chemicals
  • UV stabilisation for longer life
  • Withstand exposure to high mechanical stress levels
  • Corrosion resistant steel axle
  • Solid rubber tyres and tight fitting axle reduce noise
  • Stable, due to positioning of wheels
  • Permanently attached hinged lid swings up and away when required
  • Safe and easy to handle - Thicker handle for better control
  • Internal concave floor assists emptying
  • Double angle rail for greater safety when emptying 
  • Have special ribs, prevent containers from jamming when stacked
  • All parts are recyclable
  • Flexibility in bin and lid markings
  • Standard Colours Available Nature Green, Dark Green, Black and Grey
  • Lime green available for lids only
  • Non standard colours Blue, Yellow, Red, Lime Green.
  • Other colours available on request - Minimum quantities apply
  • Wheelie Bins are available with different colour lids on request
  • Optional Key Locking Lids available on request (Priced on Application)
  • Replacement Parts Readily Available if Required
  • Australian Made

Accessories for 2 Wheel Garbage Recycling Bin

  • Bin Hitch attaches to bin handle and car tow ball
  • 250mm diameter wheels
  • Multi Colour Printing directly onto Bin
  • Lid recycling Apertures 
  • Round - Suits standard bottles
    150mm with rubber rosette
    150 or 200mm without rubber rosette
  • Rectangular with brushes and cover ring,
     for recyclables such as plastic, glass and cans
  • Paper Apertures Moulded slot
  • Locking Devices
  • Triangular Lid lock DIN standard, triangular key - Snap lock or lock/unlock function
  • Gravity Lock - Container unlocks automatically when emptied and locks again when lowered
    Operator does not need to unlock bin prior to emptying
    Also available as manual lock
  • Padlock device standard with all dome containers - suits all common types of padlocks
  • Markings
  • Hot Foil Imprint - Durable single-colour imprint for individual customised markings on container body
  • Lid imprint - Permanent imprint stamped into container
  • Multi Colour Print - Individual full colour printing on lid
  • Screen Printing - Individual single colour marking on body and/or lid
  • Adhesive Label -Individual markings with multi-coloured adhesive labels 


Key Lockable
Rosette Lid

Order Codes

80 Litre Natural Green                 M-MGB80  Natural Green 
80 Litre Dark Green                     M-MGB80  Dark Green
80 Litre Yellow                             M-MGB80  Yellow 
80 Litre Red                                 M-MGB80  Red    
80 Litre Blue                                 M-MGB80  Blue 
80 Litre Black                                M-MGB80 Black 

120 Litre Natural Green              M-MGB120   Natural Green 
120 Litre Dark Green                  M-MGB120   Dark Green
120 Litre Yellow                          M-MGB120   Yellow 
120 Litre Red                              M-MGB120   Red  
120 Litre Blue                              M-MGB120   Blue
120 Litre Black                            M-MGB120   Black

240 Litre Natural Green             M-MGB240  Natural Green 
240 Litre Dark Green                 M-MGB240  Dark Green
240 Litre Yellow                         M-MGB240  Yellow
240 Litre Red                             M-MGB240  Red
240 Litre Blue                             M-MGB240  Blue
240 Litre Black                            M-MGB240  Black


Key Lockable Option    Rosette Lid

Key Lockable                                             Rosette Lid



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