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Wolf Cart Folding Hand Truck - Platform Trolley
Price: AUD $297.00 (Ex GST AUD $270.00)
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TS1000 Wolf Cart by Wolfcraft Multipurpose Trolley, converts easily and quickly from Hand Truck to Wheel Barrow / Platform Trolley then folds neatly away flat for storage.

Use in the home for transporting heavy loads such as heavy garden furniture, firewood, boxes, bins.

Features of Wolf Cart TS1000 Transport System

  • Easily and quickly converts from Wheelbarrow to Hand Truck function
  • Folds neatly away to save on storage space
  • Fits into vehicles for transporting
  • Suitable for securing round objects in a tight position due to the round transverse rods and rear panel
  • When the shovel is lowered it is ideal for transporting tall objects
  • Ball bearing wheels with Pneumatic tyres make pushing easy and comfortable
  • Is suitable for use on steps , as the tilting angle retains the load in an optimal position in all situations
  • Wide wheel base makes it tilt resistant even while carrying heavy loads
  • The Wolfcart's solid axle travels all the way through from one wheel the other for extra strength
  • Spare parts readily available

Features of TS1000 Wolf Cart as Hand Truck

  • Varying handle positions enable an optimal tilting position 
  • Folds down for transporting & storage.
  • Handles have protective hoops
  • High and Curved High back resting surface is ideal for high objects and top heavy loads
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity 150kg's in Hand Truck Position

Features of TS1000 Wolf Cart as Wheelbarrow / Platform Trolley

  • Easy to load due to the low loading height
  • A simple exchanging of various containers makes the system 
    more versatile than every other wheelbarrow
  • High resting surface is ideal for high objects or top heavy loads
  • 125cm High, 63cm Wide
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity 200kg's in Wheelbarrow Position

Order Code -  WOLFCART


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