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Rubbermaid 3569-88 Untouchable Square Container

Rubbermaid 3569-88 Untouchable Square Container
Rubbermaid 3569-88 Untouchable Square Container
Price: AUD $97.90 (Ex GST AUD $89.00)

87 Litre Untouchable, Grey Square Container, suitable for a refuse bin which can be used with Untouchable Swing Lid for hands free rubbish disposal.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor public areas, such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies and restaurants.

Features of Rubbermaid 3569 Untouchable Grey Square Container 

  • Sleek design for a professional image
  • Suitable outdoors or indoors
  • Use with or without lid
  • Optional hands free lid, hides contents, controls litter, smells and insects
  • Liner cinch retains bag and eliminates knot tying
  • Durable and crack resistant, indoor/outdoor.
  • Optional Black Rubbermaid 2689/88 Untouchable Swing Container Lid to suit.
  • Stock Colours are Grey Containers with Black Lids
  • Other shapes available - round, half-round and square shapes for every application.

Order Code 356988  GREY     Untouchable Square Bin
                     268988  BLA        Untouchable Bin Lid

Specifications of Rubbermaid 3569-88 Untouchable Container
Dimensions         Length 42cm x Width 40cm x Height 79cm
Volume Capacity  87 Litre

Specifications of Rubbermaid 2689-88 Swing Lid
Dimensions:  41cm square
                      10cm height

                                                                                              Optional Rubbermaid 2689-88 Hands Free Untouchable Container Top

Easy hygienic access for rubbish disposal.
Swing lid quickly returns to hide refuse from public view.
Controls litter, odours, and insects.

Rubbermaid 3569-88 & 2689-88


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