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6 Person Crane Safety Cage Work Plaforms

6 Person Crane Safety Cage Work Plaforms
6 Person Crane Safety Cage Work Plaforms
Price: AUD $5,808.00 (Ex GST AUD $5,280.00)

WP-NC2RA Crane Cage, Work Platform with Roof, for 6 People.

WP-NC2RA Can be manufactured to suit First Aid Rescue operations with an outward opening gate for stretchers. WP-NC2R-FAID

Features of WP-NC2RA Crane Cage, 6 Person Work Platform  

  • Work Platform Cage with Roof for lifting a maximum of 6 people to heights, via a crane, for only short times only
  • Designed strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS  1418.17
    "Work performed in this Cage shall be limited to special tasks of short duration, in situations where necessary to elevate personnel where it is not practicable to erect scaffolds or use a specially designed device".
  • WP-NC2R-FAID This Stretcher Cage is manufactured to suit First Aid Rescue applications - outward opening gate for stretchers.
  • NOTE: Fork Arm slippers are to be used for transport purposes only.
  • Supplied with a Load Test Certificate, Instructions for usage, Risk Control Measures and WorkCover registration.

Specifications of WP-NC2RA Crane Cage Work Platform + Roof
Suitable for 6 people max.
1.2metre x 2.4metre
8 (eight) harness Anchor Points
Hand Rails
Safe Working Load (SWL) 750kg
Unit Weight 500kg
Supplied complete with Lifting Chains
Zinc Finish
WP-NC2RA can be manufactured to suit First Aid Rescue Application being WP-NC2R-FAID

Crane Rescue Cage 


Full Body Harness & Lanyards are also available

Options Full Body Harness

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