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Justrite Safety Cans - Type 1 (Storage Can)

Justrite Safety Cans - Type 1 (Storage Can)
Price: AUD $154.00 (Ex GST AUD $140.00)

Type I Storage Cans and Type II Justrite Safety dispensing cans have a built-in Flash Arrester.

  • Flash Arrester stops naked flame from entering the can during either filling or dispensing
    thereby eliminating any risk from flashback causing explosion.
  • Contents of the can are also fully protected from fire should one occur
    as the Flash Arrester allows for increased pressure to vent off safely without causing an explosion.


Part #



 0.5 Litre Safety Can


 0.9 Litre Safety Can


 1.9 Litre Safety Can


 3.8 Litre Safety Can (Pictured Top Right)


 7.6 Litre Safety Can (Pictured Bottom Left)


 9.5 Litre Safety Can


 19 Litre Safety Can (Pictured Bottom Right)


 19 Litre Safety Can with Polyethylene   Funnel

Type 1 Safety Cans are the economical choice for flammables.
Compliant Type I safety cans are designed with a single spout for filling and pouring. The self-closing, leakproof lid provides security from spills and leaks. Cans up to one gallon feature a trigger release handle while larger capacities have a swinging handle to greatly ease carrying heavier loads. Unique counterbalance, ergonomic design with full-fisted grip handle offers gravity-assisted pouring. All models are equipped with an FM-tested dual-density flame arrester, which reliably dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition. To protect against rupture or explosion, positive pressure relief mechanism automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig.

Heavy-duty, high grade coated steel construction features special reinforcing ribs to strengthen sidewalls for extra "bumper guard" protection. Finished in a tough powder coat paint, Justrite cans resist chemicals and standup to heavy abuse. It meets OSHA and NFPA requirements, is certified by FM, UL, ULC, and carries an exclusive Justrite Ten-Year Warranty.

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