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Spill Bins SL1 / SL2 / SL4

Spill Bins SL1 / SL2 / SL4
Price: AUD $374.00 (Ex GST AUD $340.00)

Spill Bins SL1 /SL2 /SL3 Designed to give complete protection against damage and monetary cost of chemical spills.

Features of Spill Bins SL1 /SL2 /SL3

  • Three sizes available
  • Hold one, two or four drums
  • Close spacing of the support bars (300x150mm) allows for use with large or small drums
  • Wooden pallets may be fitted within the raised skirt, or the drums can sit directly on the support bars
  • The spill capacity of all models exceeds the 110% requirement of Australian Government Regulations for "Portable Units"
  • SL-IBC suits 1000litre International Bulk Container also available. (Refer to SL-IBC Product Specifications)

Specifications of Spill Bins SL1 /SL2 /SL3
Long Life Zinc Plated finish
Come with at least one Drain Plug to empty containment area
See Sizes in table below

Galvanised Spill Bins


SL1 103kg       SL2 108kg      SL4 132kg

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