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Hazspill Overpack Drum

Hazspill Overpack Drum
Price: AUD $303.60 (Ex GST AUD $276.00)

Hazspill Overpack Drum / Recovery Drum / Salvage Drum provides a safe and convenient capsule for handling damaged or leaking drums which contain chemical or hazardous waste. Damaged or leaking drum is either placed in the Hazspill drum, or the  Hazspill drum is inverted over it and then turned the right way up. Use during storage, salvage or transport

Features of Hazspill Overpack Drum / Recovery Drum / Salvage Drum

  • Protective capsule is designed to contain chemical or hazardous waste contained in leaking or damaged drums.
  • 60 litre Hazspill drum holds a 25 litre drum.
  • 350 litre Hazspill drum holds 205 litre drum
  • Heavy Duty Drum is tough and durable
  • Polyethylene construction resists corrosion from oils, fuels, and a range of chemicals
  • Screw lid has gasket seal
  • Fully sealed lid has notches across the lid to allow a bar to be used to help open or close the threaded lid
  • Has sturdy moulded shoulders to allow lifting by forklift
  • !00% UV resistant
  • Hi-vis orange for easy identification
  • Tapered design for easy removal of stored drums
  • Hazspill drums can be nested during storage to save space
  • Made in Australia

Order Code  60 L   E0928A
   49 x 49 x 58cm

Order Code 350 L   EO 0955
Dimensions            350 L  78.5 x 78.5 x 108 cm

Hazspill 60 Litre Overpack Drum 


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