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Roller Forks RFC

Roller Forks RFC
Price: AUD $9,856.00 (Ex GST AUD $8,960.00)

Roller Forks  RFC20-1100  for Palletless Loading of goods. Use for transportation of bulk bags, cartons and bagged products, without using pallets

When undermost row of rollers touches the floor it causes the uppermost rollers to roll in the opposite direction
Forks slide under the load without disturbing the product.
When forks are lifted the rollers drop and  the product sits safely on the upper side of the forks. 

Features of Roller Forks 

  • Roller Forks are standard lift truck forks with two layers of rollers
    which move in opposite directions
  • Roller forks can replace existing tines
  • No hydraulics are needed on the Rollerforks or lift truck
  • Actual weight of Rollerforks is almost the same as standard lift truck forks
  • No extra heavy capacity lift truck is needed
  • Lift truck can also be used for standard tasks
  • Products are easily placed on a pallet
  • Use for loading and unloading containers
  • Use with slip sheets instead of pallets
  • Slip sheets more hygienic and easier to clean than pallets
  • 98% less empty stacking space needed
  • Loading and unloading time is less than a push-pull system
  • Investment costs are lower
  • Can be fitted to most forklifts without additional hydraulics  
  • Drivers vision is not obstructed
  • Two lengths available 1100mm and 1200mm

Specifications -See Table Below

RFC 20-1100 Normally Stocked
RFC 20-1200 Order in Only (Priced on application)

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