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Medium Bench-Top Spill Tray

Medium Bench-Top Spill Tray
Price: AUD $308.99 (Ex GST AUD $280.90)

Medium Bench-Top Spill Tray 
Ideal for use on laboratory bench tops.
Contains spills safely, in 29 litre sump

Features of Medium Bench-Top Spill Tray 

  • Provides a safe decanting area for laboratory bench-top applications.
  • Suits use in laboratory  situations
  • Constructed from 100% Polyethylene
  • Chemical resistant
  • Spills drain safely to the sump
  • Prevents spills onto floors
  • Helps prevent slips and falls
  • Saves on cleaning and maintenance costs

Order Code TSSBB50

Capacity: 29 Litre
Dimensions: 715mm Long x 460mm Wide x 110mm High
Order Code:  TSSBB50   

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