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Aerated Eye/Face Wash, Floor Waste, No Bowl

Aerated Eye/Face Wash, Floor Waste, No Bowl
Price: AUD $481.53 (Ex GST AUD $437.75)

Speakman Eyesaver Aerated Water, Eye and Face Wash

Eye / Face Wash, with Floor Waste and No Bowl

Provides Economical fast cleaning, low velocity, first aid washing, for eyes and face.

Useful in all situations where workers are vulnerable to contamination to their eyes or face.

Features of Speakman Eyesaver Aerated Water, Eye and Face Wash

  • Aerated Water flow produces millions of microbubbles, that remove contaminant without damaging eyes or face
  • Engineered to provide a fast cleansing, low velocity first aid curtain of aerated water that washes eye and face contours gently.
  • Provides a" peroxide scrubbing action" that removes contaminants from delicate soft membrane
    areas and does not drive contaminant back into the eyes
  • Is comfortable to use, so is easier to use for the time required for proper decontamination
  • Hand operated lever
  • Two models available
Part No. Description
SE 475 Wall Mounted, Push Hand Operated, Outdoor, No Bowl. (Pictured) 
SE 485 Free Standing Pedestal Mounted, Hand Operated, No Bowl.

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