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Hot Climate Self Draining Safety Shower with Eyewash and Additional Eyebath

Hot Climate Self Draining Safety Shower with Eyewash and Additional Eyebath
Price: AUD $1,824.80 (Ex GST AUD $1,658.91)

Hot Climate, Self draining Safety Shower for use where water overheating can be caused by solar radiation.

Designed to provide water below 38 degrees Celsius. If the first flush of water is above 38 degrees Celsius. it can accelerate the damage caused by chemical and thermal burns.
High temperature water also provides a breeding ground for legionella bacteria.  

Use where there is a possibility of chemical injury to eyes, face or body.  

Features of Hot Climate, Self draining Safety Shower 

  • The main shower valve is situated directly above the water inlet and is complete
    with bleed pipe to drain water from the stand pipe to prevent water overheating caused by solar radiation.
  • Additional eyebath diffuser on flexible hose to treat unconscious or disabled personnel
  • Stainless steel eyewash unit
  • Stainless steel tubing,
  • Aerated diffusers to slow flow of water for comfort,
  • Flow regulator
  • Hand operated push rod shower control
  • Stay-on ball valve
  • Shower spray nozzle


  •  Hand operated or hand / foot operated eyewash

Optional Fittings

  • Stainless Steel Shower Rose
  • Safety Shower Locator Light
  • Combination Eyewash/Shower Sign & Bracket (Shown)
  • Treadle Foot Control (Shown)
  • Foot control panel

Australian Standard AS4775-2007
US Standard ANSI Z358.1-2004

All units are supplied with complete maintenance and installation instructions.

Technical drawings are available on request.
Order Code:  H-EXPSD18GS85G

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