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Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfiber Flexible Dusting Wand

Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfiber Flexible Dusting Wand
Price: AUD $34.10 (Ex GST AUD $31.00)

Rubbermaid HYGEN Q850 High Performance, Quick-Connect, Flexi Wand with Microfibre Sleeve 
Use with Hi-Pile Flexible Duster Q852

Flexible Microfibre Dusting Wands remove more dust, mould and allergens from hard to reach places and crevices. Conform to irregular surfaces. Use less water and chemicals. Protect the health of workers. Use Flexi Wand with Hi-Pile Duster Q852 for hair and larger debris. Quick connect mechanism converts hand held duster to high reach tool.

Features of Rubbermaid HYGEN  Flexible Dusting Wand with Microfibre Sleeve Q850

  • Use Dry Only - GREEN
  • Clean effectively without water and chemicals
  • 50cm flexible wand with microfibre sleeve bends and conforms to irregular surfaces
  • 100% Cut-end Microfibre sleeve reaches higher and into crevices
  • Effectively removes dust, dirt and grime
  • Extremely Durable
  • Sleeves can withstands 500 washing cycles and 500 drying cycles ( 200 cycles with bleach )
  • Replacement sleeves available

Features of Rubbermaid HYGEN High-Pile Microfibre Duster Q852

  • Use with Dusting Wand Q850
  • Use DRY or DAMP  - WHITE
  • Traps the largest amount of dust, hair and larger debris
  • Works for cleaning furniture and bed covers.
  • Bends and conforms to irregular shapes
  • Reaches crown moulding, tops of cabinets etc.
  • Extrememely Durable
  • Washable Duster can withstand 500 washing cycles and 500 drying cycles; 200 cycles with bleach
  • Replacement Duster available

Convert the hand-held duster to an extended cleaning tool with the Quick-Connect Handles (sold separately)

Order Codes  Q85000 BKOO

Specifications of Rubbermaid HYGEN  High Performance Microfibre Flexible Dusting Wand Q850
Length 73cm x Width 9cm x Height 4cm

Specifications of Rubbermaid HYGEN High Performance Flexible Duster Q852
Length 73cm x Width 3cm x  Height 3cm   


                                            Q850                                                                                 Q852


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