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SCHUTZ F1 tight-head drums

SCHUTZ F1 tight-head drums
Price: AUD $99.00 (Ex GST AUD $90.00)

ECODRUM 220 litre Closed Top Barrels
These plastic drums are made of new, highly developed plastics and available in 220 litre and 208 Litre capacity.
Patented design has advantages over conventional standard drums.
For use in Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical companies, Paint manufacturing plants,  and Oil and Lubricant companies etc.

Features of ECODRUM 220 Closed Top Barrels

  • Higher chemical and stress crack resistance
  • Better performance in drop test under cold conditions
  • Better impact strength at low temperatures
  • Significantly increased stacking stability. Upper ring is higher than top plate,
    so weight is transmitted to the drum walls and not to the top.
  • Stable upper ring and the grip hole in the base guarantee easy handling
  • Suitable for automatic filling lines as bungs are precisely calibrated and
    bottom plate has excellent stability and handling characteristics
  • Top plate drainage. Small opening prevents liquid from collecting on top of the drum
  • Increased safety features ie. upper ring design increases bung protection during transport and handling
  • Best removal of residual contents (<100 ml) in accordance with VPA,through both bung holes
  • Optimal protection of bungs and labels during transport and stacking due to higher ring
  • Low tare weight results from reduced material quantity and compliance with highest standards
 Schutz Tight Head Drums    220 litres
 Exterior Height                      935mm
 Exterior Diameter                  581mm
 Type of tight head opening    S70x6/S56 x 4  
 Hazardous Goods cert.          UN 1H1/Y1.9/200
 Weight                                    8.1kg                        

We are strongly committed to the highest standard of Professional Services when it comes to environmental safeguards and Public Safety. We ensure that we comply with all Environment Protection Authority (EPA) provisions and regulations of the NSW Dangerous Goods Act, along with Sydney Water, Local Government Authority requirements.

Licences and Permits currently held by these drums 
Sydney Water - Trade Waste Agreement - Permit No: 28551
Dangerous Goods - Premises Licence - Licence No: 35/035999
Dangerous Goods - Transport / Bulk Vehicle Licence - Licence No: EPA10851
Environment Protection Authority - Licence For Premises Licence No: 11963
Environment Protection Authority - Transport Licence  No: 10640

Order Code: 4024879

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