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Mantova Wire Wall Shelves

Mantova Wire Wall Shelves

Wall mounted Adjustable Wire Grid Shelving.

Consist of shelves which are mounted on Brackets, which are attached to Wall Angles.

Shelves can be mounted in continuous runs.

Features of  Wall Mounted Adjustable Wire Grid Shelving.

  • Shelves made from 8mm frames with 4mm wires @ 25mm centres.
  • Reinforced with 25mm x 3mm bars
    which support both front and back edges.
  • Angles are secured to the wall
  • Brackets fit onto the angles and are adjustable every 50m.
  • Shelves on continuous runs. share common brackets, so
    only one extra bracket is needed for each bay


Lengths: 600mm -750mm - 900mm -1200mm-1350mm - 1500mm
Width: 300mm and 450mm
Wall Angle Heights: 300 - 450 - 600 - 900 -1200 -1500 - 1800mm
Finish: Polished Stainless Steel or Zinc lacquered


All Shelving is Priced on Application
Please contact our office for a quote


 Shelf Part  Size   Shelf Part            Size                     
 SWALL6030      600 x  300mm          SWALL6045  600 x 450mm  
 SWALL7530 750 x  300mm  SWALL7545  750  x450mm
 SWALL9030  900 x 300mm  SWALL9045  900 x 450mm
 SWALL12030 1200 x 300mm  SWALL12045  1200 x 450mm
 SWALL13530 1350 x 300mm  SWALL13545  1350 x 450mm
 SWALL15030 1500 x 300mm  SWALL15045  1500 x 450mm



Bracket Part # Size
SB300  300mm
Wall Angle Part # Size
SWA300 300mm
SWA450 450mm
SWA600 600mm
SWA900 900mm
SWA1200 1200mm
SWA1500 1500mm
SWA1800 1800mm

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