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Sumner 2400 Series Contractor Lift

Sumner 2400 Series Contractor Lift
Price: AUD $4,178.90 (Ex GST AUD $3,799.00)

Sumner Series 2400 Contractor Lift

One piece Contractor Lift which comes in two sizes. 4 metre Compact Version and 5.2 metre Taller Version.

Designed for use by HVAC Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Industrial Maintenance, Steel Erectors and Facility Management.

Features of Sumner Series 2400 Contractor Lift

  • Lifting Capacity 200 kg.
  • Compact sizes 2412 -  4 metre height and 2416 - 5.2 metre height
  • Very portable for one person
  • Fits into most SUV's and Vans
  • One piece construction, no parts to lose

Optional Extras
Cable Stay Brake
- each mast and carriage can have Factory Installed,
gravity actuated safety brake, to hold loads if cable should go slack.

Fork Extension - with the push of a button, forks may be extended from 59.2cm to 75.7cm.
When using the fork extensions the weight capacity reduces to 90kg. 
A second button returns the extension for storage inside forks.

Pipe Cradle - Great for air ducts or other HVAC applications. 
Slides over forks.  Packaged two per set. 

Tray 62 x 71cm tray slides onto forks


Contractor Lift Dimensions 2412 2416
Max Lift 200kg 200kg
Height Max. - Forks up 4.0 m 5.2m
Height Max. - Forks Down 3.7m 4.9m
Height stowed 159.4cm 159.4cm
Length stowed 58.4cm 58.4cm
Length operating 121.9cm 121.9cm
Width stowed 67.1cm 67.1cm
Width operating 67.1cm 140.3cm
Winch cranks per metre 24 24
Weight 88.5kg 110.2kg



 Detailed Sumner Series 2412 Contractor Lift Product PDF

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