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Adjustable Load Skates

Adjustable Load Skates
Adjustable Load Skates
Price: AUD $403.70 (Ex GST AUD $367.00)

Adjustable Load Skates with Heavy Duty Rollers allows the movement and lifting of heavy machinery and parts without causing workers strain of injury. Used for lifting and moving heavy machinery easily.

Features of Adjustable Load Skates 

  • Ideal and economical for moving loads up to 60 tonnes over short distances
  • Increase productivity and lessen disruption.
  • Strong, Low Maintenance and will not damage floors
  • Last a long time and do not need frequent, extensive maintenance
  • Heavy duty rollers for maximum mobility
  • State of the art materials for indoor or outdoor use
  • Use handles for easy positioning once the load has been lifted with roller crowbar or jack
  • Platform has rubber non-slip surface to protect and stabilise the load 
  • Adjustable Load Rollers suitable for load up to 24 Tonne.
  • Consists of 2 Rollers connected by two steel rods.
  • 6 Tonne Capacity Load Skates adjustable 500mm to 1400mm.
  • 12 & 24 Tonne Capacity Load Skates adjustable 720mm to 1500mm.

Capacity (Tonne)

Type of Roller

No. of rollers

Roller Size

Skate Dimensions

Skate Weight




85 x 90

320 x 268 x 110





85 x 90

420 x 268 x 110





85 x 85

495 x 288 x 110


Pricing indicated is for a pair of skates (as per image), each skate consists of  2 x Rollers and 2 x Connecting Pipes

Use in warehouses, factories and other working environments.

**N.B. Make sure the track surface is appropriate for the roller skate, rather than it's capacity.
Tiles are unsuitable and cement is restricted. If crossing these surface, a steel plate of at least 10mm thickness should be placed underneath.

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