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Linen Exchange Trolleys LET

Linen Exchange Trolleys LET
Price: AUD $990.00 (Ex GST AUD $900.00)

Tallboy Linen Exchange Trolley (LET) for bulk delivery and collection of clean and soiled linen.
8 Models now available, to better suit your needs.
Use in Hospitals, Retirement Villages, Aged Care Centres, Resorts, Motels and other Facilities.

Features of Tallboy Linen Exchange Trolleys

  • Can be used for delivery of fresh linen, or collection of used linen, or both at the same time.
  • Shelves can be removed and slotted into the front,
    converting the trolley to a large mobile bin
  • Superior to mesh trolleys 
  • Smooth plastic surface is easy to clean or sterilise
  • Ergonomic cut out handle slots
  • Large radius corners
  • No rust or corrosion - water and chemical resistant
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Are light weight and easy to use especially with optional handles
  • Are very quiet in use No squeaking or rumbling
  • Flexible and resist denting during use
    Less damage to walls and doorways
  • Many options
  • Choice of many colours

Standard Features

  • Two fixed and two swivel 150mm blue rubber castors.
  • Fitted 3mm Galvanised base plate.

Following options - Priced on Application

  • Alternative castor configurations available upon request - including brake castors
  • Poly Shelves which double as front panel converting trolley to a large bin
  • Bases
  • Covers - Clip on Weather proof Rip Stop PVC
  • Castor types 150mm Blue Rubber, 150mm Red Polyurethane
  • Castor configurations - 2 fixed + 2 swivel brake    -     2 fixed + 2 swivel no brake
                                         2 swivel brake + 2 swivel no brake -    4 swivel no brake
  • Colours Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light green, Lime green, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Teal or Grey
  • Document  holders for clipboards
  • Vertical bolt on handles
  • Hanging rails
  • Tow Hitch for use with Electric Tug units
  • Company Logo
  • Serial Numbering

LET1 Linen Exchange Trolley         LET2 Linen Exchange Trolley         LET3 Linen Exchange Trolley

TLET1 Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Left)

  • Built in slot for shelves to slot in front to form a large bin (Shelves Sold separately)
  • Low cut out front for optimum shelf use for linen delivery
  • Narrow design for easy doorway access
    Dimensions 1140mm Long, 640mm wide 1500mm high + 200mm when configured with dolly, including standard 150mm castors

TLET2 Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Middle)

  • Larger capacity
  • High cut out front
  • Wider lip edge for better containment
  • Large radius corners
  • Ideal for linen bags and loose soiled linen for easier more hygienic use
    Dimensions: 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1650mm high (including  dolly and standard 150mm castors)

TLET3 Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Right)

  • Low profile design for improved vision
  • Fully open top for max linen access
  • Built in front slot for conversion to bin for soiled linen ( Shelves available separately)
  • High front cut out
    Dimensions 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1500mm high (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors)

TLET4 Linen Exchange Trolley

  • Designed for maximum manoeuverability and convenience
  • Smaller. lower profile for improved vision
  • Narrower to fit through hallways and doorways in laundries and hospitals
  • High cut design for improved containment of linens
  • Choice of wire or poly shelves
  • Slot to hold shelves to convert to a bin
    Dimensions Length 740mm Width 740mm height 1500mm (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors)

TLET5 Linen Exchange Trolley

  • Open top for easy access
  • Low cut front for easier use
  • Large linen capacity
  • Optional bin fronts fit in slot
  • Choice of options and colours
  • Dimensions Length 1050mm Width 710mm height 1500mm (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors)


  • Similar to TLET1
  • Has low front for efficient shelf  use
  • Optional covers, bin fronts and shelves
  • Easy to use as both a linen collection trolley and to deliver clean linen
  • PLUS optional stainless flatbar handles for easier manoeuvring
  • Retained lip for improving containment of soiled linen
  • Recessed cover clips for longer life
  • Dimensions Length 1400mm Width 710mm height 1500mm (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors)


  • Large capacity for delivery of bulk deliveries of liens
  • Narrow width for use in hallways and doorways in hospitals and laundiries
  • Larger open front
  • Optional fixed shelves
  • Top is fully enclosed to keep linen clean
  • Choice of options and colours
  • Dimensions Length 1190mm Width 710mm height 1600mm (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors)


  • Low profile for better vision
  • Narrower width for easier access through doors and hallways
  • Option of stainless steel flat bar handle for easier handling
  • full open top for easy access
  • High cut out to hold more linen
  • Choice of many options and colours 
  • Dimensions Length 900mm Width 570mm height 1620mm (Includes dolly with standard 150mm castors) 


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