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Heavy Duty Skate / Roller Kits
Heavy Duty Skate / Roller Kits
Price: AUD $944.90 (Ex GST AUD $859.00)
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Heavy Duty Load Skate Kits designed to move heavy machinery and equipment over short distances.

Three models: 20, 30 and 60 Tonne Capacities

Features of Heavy Duty Load Skate Kits

  • Use for installing, moving or working on heavy loads
  • Safe and easy to use
  • When used with steering handle give precise control
  • Economical
  • Minimum turning circle when using Heavy Duty Skate Kits is 3m.
  • Moving speed not to exceed 5m/min
  • Kits come in their own storage container on wheels

Important :-

  • All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on steel surface, which withstands the pressure of the chain roller
  • For safety, the carrying capacities in complete sets are calculated so that 2 Roller Skates could support the full load on uneven surfaces
  • The truck surface is important for the safe transportation of the load, not the carrying capacity of the Roller Skate. 
    Tiles are unsuitable.  Movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted. 
    In these cases it is recommended to put a steel plate of a minimum of 10mm thickness underneath.
  • Due to the little effort required to overcome the rolling resistance (4-7% of the total load) precautionary measures must be taken for use on inclined surfaces.

Heavy Duty Roller Skate Kits Include: 4 roller skates, 2 turntables, 2 packing plates, 2 steering handles, 2 link-up bars, one draw bar, one metal box.

Model #

Capacity (Tonne)

Length Support (mm)

Width Support (mm)

Total Height (mm)

Roller Diameter (mm)

Swivel Top (mm)

Weight of set (kg)






18 dia

130 dia







24 dia

130 dia







30 dia

150 dia


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