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7 & 12 Barrel Marine Spill Control Kits

7 & 12 Barrel Marine Spill Control Kits
Price: AUD $1,710.50 (Ex GST AUD $1,555.00)

Marine Spill Kits to help Ships, over 400 Gross Tonnage, and Tankers, over 150 Gross Tonnage, comply with Annex 1 of  MARPOL 73/78, which is the Main International Convention, covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment, from operational or accidental causes.

Annex 1 requires that the above ships carry a Shipboard, Oil Pollution, Emergency Plan (SOPEP)

The 7 Barrel and 12 Barrel Marine Spill Kits in Weatherproof Containers, are designed to help you to meet your SOPEP requirements.

The contents of the Spill Kits will help in the control, absorption and disposal of the result of oil spills on board ships.

Item 7 Barrel 12 Barrel
Oil Sorbent Boom 6 of 3mx125mm 10 of 3mx125mm
Oil Sorbent Pads 500 500 800
Oil Sorbent Roll 1 of 50×0.5m 2 of 50×0.5m
Oil Sorbent Pillows 15 of 45x45cm 22 of 45x45cm
Disposable Overalls 2 2
Oil Resistant Gloves 2 2
Contaminated Waste Bags 10 16
Weatherproof Container Capacity 1000L 1500L
Absorbent Capacity 1100 Litres 1100 Litres
Order Code TSSMK1100 TSSMK1900


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