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Bottlechock Gas Cylinder Holders and Restraints

Bottlechock Gas Cylinder Holders and Restraints

Bottlechock Gas Cylinder Holders are purpose designed to keep cylinders secure Suits gas cylinders, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, oil drums etc. Grips around and keeps in full contact with the cylinder and the flexible design makes it easy to Snap cylinders into place. Cylinders also don't have to be lifted, preventing injuries.

Features of Bottlechocks

  • Grips and keeps in full contact with the cylinder
  • Restricts horizontal and vertical movement
  • Bottlechock secures each cylinder individually
  • Galvanised Finish or Stainless Steel Material
  • One pull buckle and strap for Quick cylinder changeover
  • Quick release pins to free up space when cylinder is not in use, and allow use in an alternative location

Size Range Bottlechocks:

Small (100-145mm)
Medium (160-230mm)
Large (245-375mm)

Special kits BGOXYACET and BSTOXYACET hold large Acetylene/Propane and D, E or G Oxygen on a common bracket


Code Mounting Bracket No of Cylinders Diameter Range
Red Hi Vis Yellow
BG1S BG1S YW Galvanised 1 100-145mm
BST1S BST1S YW Stainless 1 100-145mm
BG2S BG2S YW Galvanised 2 100-145mm
BST2S BST2S YW Stainless 2 100-145mm
BG3S BG3S YW Galvanised 3 100-145mm
BST3S BST3S YW Stainless 3 100-145mm
BG4S BG4S YW Galvanised 4 100-145mm
BST4S BST4S YW Stainless 4 100-145mm
BG1M BG1M YW Galvanised 1 160-230mm
BST1M BST1M YW Stainless 1 160-230mm
BG2M BG2M YW Galvanised 2 160-230mm
BST2M BST2M YW Stainless 2 160-230mm
BG3M BG3M YW Galvanised 3 160-230mm
BST3M BST3M YW Stainless 3 160-230mm
BG4M BG4M YW Galvanised 4 160-230mm
BST4M BST4M YW Stainless 4 160-230mm
BG1ML BG1ML YW Galvanised 1 230-310mm
BST1ML BST1ML YW Stainless 1 230-310mm
BG2ML BG2ML YW Galvanised 2 230-310mm
BST2ML BST2ML YW Stainless 2 230-310mm
BG1L BG1L YW Galvanised 1 245-375mm
BST1L BST1L YW Stainless 1 245-375mm
BG2L BG2L YW Galvanised 2 245-375mm
BST2L BST2L YW Stainless 2 245-375mm
BGOXYACET-S   Galvanised 2 1 x 100-145mm
        1 x 160-230mm
BGOXYACET   Galvanised 2 1 x 160-230mm
        1 x 245-375mm
BSTOXYACET   Stainless 2 1 x 160-230mm
        1 x 245-375mm

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