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Lid Lifta Complete with Bin
Price: AUD $324.50 (Ex GST AUD $295.00)

Lid Lifta Foot Pedal Bins Offer Hands Free, Opening and Closing of bins. Where hygienic hands free operation is required.Skip Bin lid can be partially or fully opened, then closed using the Foot Pedal.

Use where hand hygiene is vital Abattoirs, Commercial kitchens, Seafood preparation, Food processing factories, Food Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Delicatessens, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Butchers, Seafood outlets, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Dentists, Doctor's surgeries,  Mortuaries, Pathological waste collection, etc.

Features of Lid Lifta Foot Pedal Bins

  • Hygienic hands free operation
  • Keeps bins closed between use
  • Bins can be partially or wholly opened while in use, Use the foot pedal to open bin then press again to close
  • In confined spaces the lid can be adjusted to prevent it from striking the underside of the bench (No banging)
  • Is permanently attached to the bin - cannot be removed
  • Can be used from front or from either side.
  • Increased Hygiene as you never touch the lid
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Reduced odour a closed bin will not attract flies and cockroaches
  • Spring action applies downwards pressure on the lid which also prevents rats and mice, snakes and birds gaining access to the contents of the bin
  • Tension can be adjusted using small spanner or shifter
  • Reduction in hand-washing, no need to change gloves everytime the bin is used
  • Time, Energy and Water savings.
  • Many colours of bins available 
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  Capacity      Order Code            
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  120 L  MGB120SSLL
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  240L  MGB240SSLL
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  35 L  MGB35SSLL
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  50 L  MGB50SSLL
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  60 L  MGB60SSLL
 Lid Lifta Complete Bin  80 L  MGB80SSLL

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