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Oz Chocks Wheel Chocks

Oz Chocks Wheel Chocks
Price: AUD $104.00 (Ex GST AUD $94.55)

OZ Choks Heavy Duty Plastic Wheel Choks

Available in many sizes, from small to large, to fit a wide range of tyre sizes.
Made to suit all vehicle types. Up to and including mining trucks.
Standard colour Yellow, with other colours available on request.

Features of OZ Choks Heavy Duty Plastic Wheel Choks

  • Made from highly durable Polyethylene
  • Come with Moulded Handle
  • Rubber Traction Pads are essential to safe usage of
    OZ Choks and are available
  • Standard colour Yellow
  • Choks available in a range of colours on request
  • Price for one unit only
  • Chok brackets available (see below)

** FSP Australia Pty Ltd. take no responsibility for the negligence of users of OZ Choks, who do not carry out safety checks to ensure that the Chok is intact prior to use.

For Safe Use

  • Always use an adequate number of  choks, as per your risk assessment.
    Always place choks on solid surface with vehicle stopped / park brake on
    Always place choks squarely against the centre of the tyre
    Use contrary to instructions may cause product failure / personal injury
    NEVER use damaged choks
    NEVER drive over a chok

Model Number 






Oz Chock 055 

For Small Vehicles 

170 mm 

290 mm 

210 mm 

2 Kg 

Oz Chock 075 

For Small Trucks 

260 mm

460 mm 

330 mm 

8 Kg 

Oz Chock 105 

For Trucks 

280 mm 

570 mm 

390 mm 

16 Kg 

Oz Chock 155 

For Huge Trucks 

410 mm 

660 mm 

420 mm 

16 Kg 

Body Chock 


345 mm 

690 mm 

270 mm 

16 Kg



Oz Chock 055

Oz Choc 75
Oz Chock 075  

Oz Chock 105

Oz Chock 155

 Body Chock
Body Chock 

 OZ CHOKS Okachok



 105 OZ Chock Bracket

 075 OZ Chock Bracket

055 OZ Chock Bracket 

 105 OZ Chock Bracket

075 OZ Chock Bracket

 055 OZ Chock Bracket

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