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About Us

R.J. Cox Engineering

R.J. Cox Engineering

R.J. Cox Engineering is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of cutting-edge materials handling and hospitality equipment. Our offerings, including wheels and castors, cater to various industries, including hospitality, medical, manufacturing, mining, and engineering.

Known as RJ Cox, we have been delivering engineering solutions since our inception in 1938. Our services include custom-designed and built engineering solutions complemented by an extensive catalogue sourced from top manufacturers in the materials handling and hospitality equipment sectors.

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Our Origin Story

In 1938, Eric Cox commenced business by crafting wooden trolleys for New South Wales railways during the war years. Over 80 years later, RJ Cox, a division of E.W. Cox Pty Ltd, continues to innovate, manufacturing state-of-the-art trolleys using twenty-first-century materials and processes.

From the beginning, RJ Cox's engineering expertise extended beyond trolleys. In the 1950s, we designed and manufactured conveyor systems for leading industrial and domestic goods manufacturers, ranging from biscuits to coal handling.

In the 1960s, EW Cox Pty Ltd - Victoria, was established and diversified into manufacturing building maintenance units, conveyors, and elevators. By the 1970s, EW Cox Pty Ltd - Sydney expanded its scope to cover general engineering, fabrication, machining, and manufacturing, service, and installation of various materials handling equipment.

Our highly successful building maintenance units business was sold in 1990, leading to the rationalization of the remaining components. Today, leveraging decades of engineering experience, we focus on core activities associated with materials handling, hospitality, and safety equipment.

Product Suppliers

We source products from leading manufacturers in materials handling and hospitality equipment, offering an extensive range of products across different categories:

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