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The Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover, exemplified by the GZ10SL model, enables one to move heavy hospital beds effortlessly, boasting a 500kg capacity.

Additionally, Electrodrive offers a range of hitches and accessories to enhance the functionality of Gzunda Bed Movers.

Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover GZ10SL
Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover GZ10SL
The Electrodrive Gzunda GZ10SL Bed Mover transports hospital beds and patients. The machine is compact, complies with Australian Standards, has user-friendly controls, and has a 12-month warranty, ensuring efficient and quiet operation.
Price: AUD $21,879.00 (Ex GST AUD $19,890.00)
Electrodrive Gzunda Hitches and Accessories
Electrodrive Gzunda Hitches and Accessories
Electrodrive provides hitches for Gzunda bed movers, including gripper, flex, ratchet, clamping, and groove options. Accessories such as reduced tyne height, battery upgrade, and retrofit kits are available.
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