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Powered Bed Movers and Towing Equipment

Electrodrive offers a range of powered bed movers and towing equipment designed for efficient and ergonomic handling of hospital beds and related equipment.

These electric-powered solutions provide ease of movement and enhance productivity in healthcare environments.

Personnel Transporters / Tow TractorsPersonnel Transporters / Tow Tractors
Taylor Dunn offers electric personnel transporters and tow tractors, such as Burdenmaster, Electric Personnel Mover, Huskey, Model E Tow Tractor, and Road Master, for carrying people or towing loads in various settings.
Electrodrive Gzunda Bed MoverElectrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover
The Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover, like the GZ10SL model, allows one person to effortlessly move heavy hospital beds with a 500kg capacity. Explore additional hitches and accessories for enhanced functionality.
Introducing the Battery Electric Towing Tug with Hitch - a versatile and safe electric tug with a 500kg capacity. Other models include the 1T Tug Rise, 10 Tonne Tug Tough, and the Linen Trolley Mover.

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