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Case Studies

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Customs House - Smoke Baffles

The Problem

Customs House in Sydney underwent a magnificent refurbishment. Help was needed to comply with the Building Code of Australia relating to smoke management. In the event of an internal fire, it is important to make sure that smoke does not accumulate in covered public areas, in particular, the atrium.

Our Solution

Cox was approached by consultants, to find a solution that would deflect any smoke away from the public areas and would not allow it to drift over the parapet. We needed to place a structure projecting out into the atrium that would deflect the smoke towards the centre and then suck it up vertically to the horizontal exhaust duct running the full length of the pitched roof.

We investigated several different options ranging from pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic motors, electrical drums and electrical clutches. All of these options were rejected on financial grounds. Our final solution involved manual boat winches that would be automatically lowered by gravity when a fire alarm operated. This was achieved by using stainless steel wire ropes and free-falling manual winches. The baffles were held vertically using magnetic door catches.

Sydney Hilton - Installation of Scissor Lifts

The Problem

As part of the multi-million dollar refurbishment of Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, Industrial Conveyor Australia, Victoria supplied 2 Jihab Scissor Lifts. They needed to be expertly installed and custom-commissioned and they were certified on site.

Solution - Our Laundry Scissor Lift

The Laundry Scissor Lift is 1200x 1800 x 2000mm high with a 2000kg capacity. The deck is covered with an aluminium chequer plate. It is used to transfer laundry trolleys, stores and dirty linen trolleys in and out of the new in-house laundry.

Cox installed included a kerb angle, infilled larger recessed area, bolted scissor lift to the floor, and designed and built a hinged gate with an electromechanically interlocked door lock. We also installed a protective blind, which was fitted to the open side to hide the built-in hydraulic power unit.

Solutions - Marble Bar Triple Scissor Lift

Marble Bar Triple Scissor Lift is 1800 x 1800 x 2.8 metres high with a 500kg capacity. It is used to supply products including bottles, cans, soft drinks, spirits as well as bar snacks from the storage area in the 1st Basement, to the Bar in the 2nd Basement.

They are loaded from the top of the floor of basement 1 level. A manual roller shutter is lowered and is electromechanically interlocked then the hoist platform is lowered.

When reaching basement 2, a second light illuminates which electronically unlocks the door lock enabling the roller shutter to be opened. This is situated at 90° to the entrance on the floor above.

To enable the platform to be unloaded at floor level the scissor lift was installed into a suitable sized pit. The power unit is remotely located under the stairs behind a hinged door within the shaft. The installation allows a 10-15 mm clearance on all sides to ensure no sharp edges catch the contents of the lift. A platform of aluminium chequer plate deck was added to the hoist deck.

Lowy Institute, Sydney - Projector Lift

The Problem

The Lowy Institute was looking for a mechanical method of replacing the existing fixed mounting of a Mitsubishi Projector. It needed an elevating and retracting mechanism so that it could be stored within an existing marble-topped credenza. The projector and mounting box together weigh approximately 100kg and need to be elevated to a height of 2,400 mm.

The Solution

Alignment and stability were critical to achieving the required performance of the projector. The cables needed to be retracted from the full height without twisting or breaking any strands. The lifting mechanism was a 4-stage stable structure with a static factor of safety of 4. It was operated by a 240-volt electric geared motor.

In addition, we cut and hinged the marble top for manual raising and lowering assisted by air struts. This was electronically interlocked for safety reasons.

Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle - Mini-Bar Carts

The Problem

The landmark Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle is large and grand. Its three storeys have long carpeted corridors and pushing the fully-loaded mini-bar carts had become an occupational health and safety concern. Help was needed to make handling the mini-bars more manageable.

The Solution

Our standard powder-coated sheet metal manufactured mini-bar carts were considered to be too heavy for the Esplanade Hotel staff. When fully loaded, they were too heavy and hard to push on carpets by one person.

We solved the problem by bolting the Electrodrive Transpak to the base of our mini-bar structure utilising the Gzunda handlebar for control. We were also able to accommodate the requirements of Esplanade Hotel to adjust our standard design to allow two top draws to open outwards/sideways along its length. For safety reasons (this feature restricts the weight that can be kept in the drawers), only one drawer can open at a time.

Esplanade Hotell was so pleased with this new design of the mini-bar that they purchased a second unit for use in their hotel extensions.

Goldsborough Mort, Sydney – Entrance Canopy and Courtyard Panels

The Problems

The conversion of the old wool store of Goldsborough Mort into a set of apartments has been outstanding. Being an old warehouse, what it lacked, though, was a striking entrance as well as a shelter at the entrance from inclement weather. It also had an additional problem. The conversion included courtyards, but the tenants were not fully comfortable using them as everything was always on view.

The Solutions

We dealt with the problem of courtyard privacy by the manufacturer and installation of perforated powder-coated zinc-alum sheet metal panels to all existing handrails around each walkway and dividing fences to the 300 residential apartments.

We were asked to design, manufacture and install a semi-circular canopy structure over the entrance. We provided a canopy that is mounted three metres high above the existing roadway and secured by foundation bolts below the paving slabs as well as anchored to the building structure. The canopy is covered with UV-protected waterproof fabric and can withstand strong winds and hail storms. The structure is a powder-coated maroon to blend in with the appearance of the building.

National Gallery of Australia - Archival and Transportation for Priceless Artworks

The Problem

Many of the priceless artworks owned by the National Gallery of Australia not only need to be stored vertically, they need to be transported vertically. The National Gallery needed systems that would allow extra large artworks to be handled properly.

The Solution

We designed, manufactured and delivered large steel rectangular frames for use in the archives of the National Gallery for extra large artworks. The size of the frames can be adjusted horizontally as required. We supplied manual crate lifters that can attach a mechanical set of wheels to each end of the large transport boxes and lift them clear off the floor. These allow the boxes to be transferred vertically instead of horizontally and are suitable for transportation to either Australian or overseas galleries.

Liverpool, Northern Suburbs and Canberra Cemeteries - Mortuary Trolleys

The Problem

The cemeteries need a mechanical method of elevating caskets from a one-metre-high mobile deck trolley with rollers to the second and third levels of a vertical crypt.

The Solution

We considered the options and decided on mobile scissor lifts that were manually pushed around the locations and locked into position with stabiliser floor jacks. Each unit is designed with fold-down walkways along each side, providing access for attendants to be electronically elevated to the required height to manually push the casket onto the requisite crypt.

The scissor lift also doubles as a Hoist Access Platform to enable the safe lowering and raising of the marble slabs that form the front decorative cover to the crypt.

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