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Static Dissipating Mats

Static Dissipating Mats
Price: AUD $176.00 (Ex GST AUD $160.00)

Designed to allow static electricity, which builds up in the body, to be dissipated harmlessly, through the mat to earthing points.

Special clips attach a grounding cord to the mat, which is then earthed through a point, such as a grounded skirting.    

Ideal for standing or work stations near data rooms, computers, copiers, indoor ATMs, service counters, electronics industry work areas and registration desks.

Features of StatKing, Static Dissipating Mat

  • For use in Dry Environments
  • Prevents damage to sensitive equipment, caused by a build up of static electricity
  • Discharges static electricity through the mat and special cords.
  • Provides anti-fatigue benefits to staff, while standing for long periods
  • Various edging options available

Customisation Level Available in standard sizes and also custom sizes,
                                    with cord connection at every two metre length.

Colour      Grey
Standard Mat Sizes (Length  0.06m  x Width 0.9 m) 
                                  (Length 1. 5m     x Width 0.9m)

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