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Switch Board Insulating Mat

Switch Board Insulating Mat
Price: AUD $3,300.00 (Ex GST AUD $3,000.00)

Corrugated Switchboard Rubber Insulating Mat

Non - Conductive Corrugated Mat. For use in areas with high voltage electric currents. Reduces the rick of electrical shocks.

Ideal for use at switchboards or electrical control panels, near fuse boxes and all high voltage electrical equipment.

Features of Switch Board Insulating Mat

  • Non-conductive Rubber mat that *Complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2978 1995*
  • Meets the American Standard (ASTM) 
  • Reduces the risk of electrical shock in environments with high voltage electric current
  • Provides protection up to a Dielectric Rating of 30.000 Volts
    Proof Testing to 20,000 Volts  
    Recommended use to 17,000 volts.
  • Made from 6.5mm thick, solid rubber with a corrugated surface
  • Mats have even been considered for Sydney Water workers who, from time-to-time, find water stand pipes used as earth connections, resulting in electrical shocks from faulty equipment.

Specifications for Switch Board Insulating Mat

Suitable        Dry  Environment
Compound   Fibre
Customisation Level Available in standard sizes
Full Rolls Size           10m x 0.9m (Length x Width)
Cut-To-Length           Any length x 0.9m width

Colour        Black 
Thickness  6.5mm 

Electrical Insulating Mat now indicates that this mat meets the Australian Standard

Electrical Insulating Mat Australian Standard Electrical Insulating Mat Meets Australian Standard

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