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Rubbermaid Utility Cart Replacement Castor Kit 3485097
Price: AUD $118.80 (Ex GST AUD $108.00)
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The Rubbermaid Utility Cart Replacement Castor Kit with 5" non-marking swivel castors is designed for various applications, providing floor surface protection, shock absorption, and quiet operation. 

Here are the key features of the castor kit:

Wheel Material: Thermo-Plastic Rubber (TPR), known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear.

Non-Marking Wheels: The wheels are non-marking, ensuring that they won't leave marks or scuffs on the floor surfaces. This is particularly important for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the environment.

Bolt Hole Pattern: The castors have a North American bolt hole pattern, ensuring compatibility with various utility carts, tilt trucks, hoppers, and similar equipment.

Zinc-Plated Frames: The frames of the castors are zinc-plated, providing corrosion resistance and enhancing their durability.

Plate Mounting Type: The castors use a plate mounting type, making them easy to install on compatible equipment.

Rigid Fixed and Swivel Castors: The kit includes two rigid fixed castors and two swivel castors, offering a combination that allows easy maneuverability and control.

Versatile Applications: The castors are suitable for use with tilt trucks, hoppers, utility carts, utility trucks, and similar equipment, providing versatility in various settings.

Tread Durometer: The tread durometer is 70-85 shore A range, indicating a balance between hardness and flexibility, suitable for different floor surfaces.

Manufacturer: Rubbermaid Commercial Products 

Current Part Number: 3485097
Previous Order Number FG4505L30000  
SKU: RCP 4505-L3

For a 125mm Replacement Castor Kit and a comprehensive range of Commercial Rubbermaid Products, visit our Online Rubbermaid Store.

The Rubbermaid Utility Cart Replacement Castor Kit provides reliable and smooth operation for utility carts and similar equipment.

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