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Rubbermaid Xtra Utility Cart with 3 Enclosed Sides FG409300BLA
Rubbermaid Xtra Utility Cart with 3 Enclosed Sides FG409300BLA
Price: AUD $931.70 (Ex GST AUD $847.00)
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The Rubbermaid Xtra Utility Cart 4093 Enclosed X-tra is a versatile and durable utility trolley designed for various applications, excelling in front- and back-of-house settings. 

Here are the key features of this utility cart:

Large Capacity: The cart offers a large capacity, providing ample space for equipment or supplies. The three enclosed sides conceal the contents of the centre and lower shelves, offering a neat and organised appearance.

Concealment: The cart's design allows it to hide contents when turned against a wall, adding to its versatility in different environments.

Streamlined Design: The cart features a streamlined design that minimises damage in high-traffic areas. This is particularly important for maintaining the cart's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time.

Rounded Corners: The cart has rounded corners, helping to prevent walls from getting scratched or dented during use. This feature enhances the protection of both the cart and the surrounding environment.

Textured Shelves: The three textured shelves are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring that equipment or supplies can be stored clean and sanitary.

Dual Ergonomic Push Handles: The cart has dual ergonomically rounded easy-grip push handles, making it easy to maneuver and control, even in tight spaces.

Compatibility with Accessories: The cart is compatible with additional accessories, including the 3353-88 Refuse and 3354-88 Silverware Hanging Bins (sold separately). This allows for further customisation based on specific needs.

Slide-Out Locking Drawer: The cart offers the option to add a slide-out locking drawer (sold separately), providing secure storage for valuable items.

Locking Door Kit: For added security, the cart can be equipped with a locking door kit (sold separately), ensuring that the contents are safely stored and protected.

Option for Upgrading Castors: Users can upgrade to the Fallshaw Swivel Brake Castor Kit for enhanced mobility and stability. (sold separately)

Order Code: FG409300BLA

Specifications of Rubbermaid 4093 Utility Cart:

Total Capacity: 136kg 
Castors:  100mm Grey Swivel non-marking castors
Assembled Dimensions 103cm Long x  51cm Wide x 96cm High
Capacity: 135kg
Shelf Capacity: 45kg per shelf
Colour: Black Shelves, Silver uprights
Weight/Carton:  23.4kg


Optional Lockable Drawer (sold separately)
Rubbermaid Drawer

Rubbermaid 4093 Enclosed Utility Cart

  For a Utility Cart with Enclosed Panels on three sides and a comprehensive range of Commercial Rubbermaid Products, visit our Online Rubbermaid Store. 

The Rubbermaid Xtra Utility Cart 4093 Enclosed X-tra is a well-designed and versatile utility trolley suitable for various environments. Its features focus on durability, ease of use, and customisation options, making it a practical choice for front- and back-of-house applications where organisation, mobility, and appearance are crucial.

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