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Desksurfer Over Desk Height Access

Desksurfer Over Desk Height Access
Price: AUD $13,035.00 (Ex GST AUD $11,850.00)

Mobile, height adjustable platform for access to hard to reach situations especially over tables, desks, etc. Base slides under the bed, desk or table, with minimal disturbance. Work on Lighting, air conditioning filters, cleaning jobs.

Useful in retailing, offices and restaurants.

Easy four-step use

  1. Simply wheel the unit into position & lock the four (4) castors.
  2. Adjust the 2 rotating outriggers
  3. Use the hand winch to adjust the platform to the desired platform height
  4. Climb up the steps and onto the platform, the safety gate closes behind you. 

Features of Desksurfer

  • Very safe to use
  • Aluminium construction
  • Long life
  • Folds flat and fits into most small vans
  • Easy storage
  • Platform height is easily adjusted with hand winch
  • Top tubes are insulated
  • Rubber mat to stand on
  • Provides 1200mm of easy reach
  • Self closing safety gate
  • Rotating outriggers x 2, for stability
  • 4 x locking castors
  • Has Tool tray / Platform seat

Compact size for storage and transporting
                     650 mm Width
                     1350mm Length
                     1912mm Height

Platform size 900mm gives 1200mm reach

Two models
210215        Upright Mast 
Reach Height 4.2m
                    Min. platform height 0.8575m
                    Max. platform height 2.240m
                    2 x outriggers

210217       Folding Mast
Reach height 4.3m
                    Min. platform  height 0.955m
                    Max. Platform height 2.320m
                    2 x outriggers   



Desk Surfer

Desk Surfer Height Access

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