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Gas Cylinder Rotatruck Tall
Gas Cylinder Rotatruck Tall
Price: AUD $1,369.50 (Ex GST AUD $1,245.00)
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Rotatruck Gas Cylinder Tall Hand Truck safely moves 1 or 2 gas bottles simultaneously. The Self-supporting frame reduces the risk of injury by ensuring less repetitive motion and pullback.

Benefits of Gas Cylinder Rotatruck:

  • Rotacaster R3 multidirectional wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Eliminates bending and minimises user effort
  • Improves safety and Productivity with Dual Cylinder Kit option
  • Loop Handle - keeps hands away
  • Quick action: Load Safety Straps
  • Tall 1320mm Custom High Strength Curved Frame 
  • The trolley will carry D Size Cylinders - However, an additional strap required
  • G1 Single -
  •   Gas Bottle Toe Plate for single Cylinder Trolley only
  •   2 Magnets for secure hold of single cylinder loads from E to G3VPR Size
  •   Single D-loop handle
  • G2 Dual    -
  •   Die Cast Aluminium toe for Double Cylinder Loads
  •   Dual Cylinder kit - 2 Position Multi Bottle Adapter for single and multiple cylinders
  •   Includes kickstand - enables trolleys to stand upright with an aluminium toe plate.
  •   The double loop handle keeps fingers away from the weight of the load.
  •   Wave Bar bottle support - folds forward supporting sides of the bottle and prevents clanging.

The Gas Cylinder Rotatruck is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to handle multiple large heavy gas cylinders.

Specifications for Tall Gas Cylinder Rotatruck:

Load capacity: 225kg
250mm foam-filled rear wheels
R3 triple 125mm front Rotacaster Omni wheels

  G1 Single Gas Bottle Trolley:
Order Code:  11-23G1
Frame: Tall 1320mm Aluminium Frame
Handle Single D-loop Handle
Toe Plate Gas bottle Toe Plate
Dimensions: 1650 x 520 x 450mm
Weight: 14.5kg
  G2 Dual Gas Bottle Trolley:
Order Code:  11-23G2
Frame: Tall 1320mm Aluminium Frame with Wave Bar bottle support
Handle: Double Loop Handle
Toe Plate 355 W x 305mm D(HA) Die Cast Aluminium Toe w/kickstand
Dimensions: 1710 x 530 x 720mm
Weight: 17.2kg

Double Cylinder Options


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