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Tall Boy Linen Exchange Trolley

Tall Boy Linen Exchange Trolley
Price: AUD $3,058.00 (Ex GST AUD $2,780.00)

Tall Boy Linen Exchange Trolley is designed for both bulk collection of dirty linen, and delivery of folded linen. Can be customised to suit your needs, with endless options.

Use in Hotels, Resorts, B&B, Hospitals.

Features of Tall Boy Linen Exchange Trolley 

  • Constructed from Polyethylene for optimum hygiene and convenience 
  • Optional PVC cover hides contents when delivering clean linen or returning to laundry 
  • Fully open top for maximum linen access
  • Versatile shelving
  • Low cut front for optimum use of shelves, for delivery of clean linen,
    folded and arranged on shelves
  • Choice of shelves  2 x Polyethylene, 1 x Polyethylene,
                                    2 x Wire shelves, 1 x Wire Shelf,      None
  • Shelves can be slotted into trolley front to make a bin, to hold dirty linen

Trolley Colours  Dark blue, Light blue, Light green, Lime green, Red
                            Black, Yellow, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Teal, Grey

Castors Colour  150mm Blue Rubber,  150mm Red Polyurethane

Castors Configuration   2 fixed & 2 swivel brake,   2 fixed & 2 swivel (no brake),
                                      2 swivel (no brake)& 2 swivel brake,    4 swivel (no brake)  (Price on Application)  

Options        Rip Stop PVC Clip-on Cover or None 
                      Handles for manoeuvring 
                      Shelves for folded linen
                      Bases, Castor configuration,
                      Moulded in Company Logo or branding for Traceability
                      Hanging Rails
                      Tow attachments for tug units             

Dimensions  Length 1050 mm
                      Width 710 mm
                      Height 1300mm + 200mm when configured with dolly, including standard 150mm castors
                      Capacity 700L

Order Code: E0590-G03                



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