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Rack Armour Pallet Racking Upright Leg Guard

Rack Armour Pallet Racking Upright Leg Guard
Price: AUD $48.40 (Ex GST AUD $44.00)

Rack Armour gives optimum protection to Pallet Racking from damage by Forklifts.

The persistent shape and flexible characteristics of Rack Armour enables legs to absorb impacts over and over again.

Makes for huge savings in racking repairs.

Use in Food Distribution, Logistics, Storage or anything else.  

Features of Rack Armour  Upright Leg Protection

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Provides better protection than traditional devices
  • Strong and flexible, so give better protection than metal barriers
  • Deflects and diffuses impacts
    Inner is made from closed cell polyethylene foam to induce inertia
    External deflector rebounds the impact force
  • Curved shape provides low friction and high deflection rates
  • High Visibility
  • Prevents damage even after multiple knocks
    Can take 8 knocks on the same spot without visible damage  
  • Saves massive costs of racking repairs
  • Reduce racking damage by 80%     
  • Cold Store safe.Effective down to minus 40 degrees
  • No fixing or bolts to be ripped of, or to damage floors or racking
  • Fully transferable if you have a re-fit or move premises
  • Two sizes to ensure Rack Armour will fit most types of racking
  • Installs in seconds, simply clips onto your existing racking
  • Impervious to acid, alkali, mould, rust and most solvents
  • Fully tested for front and side impacts

Independent Expert Testing - FEM 10.2.02 

  • Comprehensive Independent testing by Cardno
  • FEM 10.2.02 - highest international standard used (on which AS4084 is based)
  • Rack Armour met and exceeded required loads for FRONT and SIDE impacts
  • Superior protection for peace of mind

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