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Car/Truck Washpad

Car/Truck Washpad
Price: AUD $1,210.00 (Ex GST AUD $1,100.00)

Car/Truck Washpad / Washbay. Constructed from, PVC and is ready for use in minutes.

Use in Vehicle parking or storage situations. Mobile Car and Truck Detailers , Tanker Deliveries and during repairs where there is a possibility of spills.

Use with Washpad Pump ( See Below)    

Features of Car/Truck Washpad / Washbay

     Constructed from 900 gm per m2 PVC
     Weight only 20kg
     Compact and easily portable
     Makes compliance with EPA simple and cost effective
     Unit shown 3m x 6 m
     Folds down to 600 x 800 x 350mm
     Custom sizes available
     Sets up in minutes
Foam filled ends compress to allow drive-through use.
Order Code: TSSWPS
Truck Washpad
                                                                                                                Car/Truck Washpad

Washpad Pump

The Spill Station® Battery Box & Pump is designed to used in conjunction with the Washpad. Place a standard automotive battery into the water resistant marine battery box, attach it to the terminals and flick the switch. It comes standard with 2 metres of hose.  It is recommended to check which filter is required for draining purposes, such as oil and water, etc.

Order Code:  TSSBBP

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