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Dual Lift Pro - Suits Boxes Up to 45kg

Dual Lift Pro - Suits Boxes Up to 45kg
Dual Lift Pro - Suits Boxes Up to 45kg
Price: AUD $31.90 (Ex GST AUD $29.00)
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The Dual Lift Pro is a helpful solution for handling heavy boxes, enabling users to lift loads of up to 45 kilograms without straining their shoulders or twisting their spine.

It adds handles to any box, making lifting and moving items easier and safer. 

Here are the key features and benefits of the Dual Lift Pro:

Enhanced Lifting: The Dual Lift Pro eliminates the need to tilt your shoulders or twist your spine to get your fingers under the box for lifting. This ergonomic design reduces the risk of injuries and strains that often occur when lifting heavy objects.

Leg-Based Lifting: The handles are attached to the box, allowing users to lift using their leg muscles, which are typically stronger and more capable of handling heavier loads. This promotes proper lifting technique and minimises the strain on the upper body.

Contact-Free Handling: The Dual Lift Pro enables contact-free picking up of cartons. This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining hygiene and safety. It is suitable for situations where minimising direct physical contact with surfaces is essential, such as concerning health concerns like the coronavirus.

Easy to Use: The Dual Lift Pro is designed for straightforward attachment to boxes, making it a convenient solution for individuals who frequently handle heavy or bulky items. Its user-friendly design enhances efficiency and reduces the physical effort required for lifting.

The Dual Lift Pro is a versatile and efficient tool for lifting heavy boxes. Its ergonomic design, leg-based lifting approach, contact-free handling, and easy attachment to boxes make it a valuable addition for those who need to move heavy loads while maintaining safety and minimising physical strain.

Order Codes: LMDUAL

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