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Rubbermaid Single-Use Spill Mop Pads (10 Pack) 2017059

Rubbermaid Single-Use Spill Mop Pads (10 Pack) 2017059
Rubbermaid Single-Use Spill Mop Pads (10 Pack) 2017059
Price: AUD $23.10 (Ex GST AUD $21.00)
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The Rubbermaid Single-Use Spill Mop Pads make quick and efficient clean-ups of substantial messes a breeze. With a large, flat surface area, these pads swiftly absorb up to 0.94 litres of liquid, providing a reliable solution for spills that require immediate attention. 

Here are the key features of these spill mop pads:

High Absorption Capacity: The mop pads have a significant absorption capacity, soaking up to 0.94 litres of liquid. This makes them ideal for handling large spills and messes in various settings.

Efficient Liquid Transformation: Once absorbed, the polyacrylate and nonwoven material of the mop pad transforms the liquid into a gel. This transformation prevents leaks or drips, ensuring the absorbed fluid is securely within the pad.

Disposable Design: The mop pads are designed for single use and are disposable after cleaning up a mess. This disposable construction enhances convenience and hygiene, allowing quick and easy disposal without washing or reusing.

Quick Drying: Unlike typical string mops that may spread the liquid around, these mop pads leave floors drier. The flat design and efficient absorption help rapidly soak up excess water, reducing cleaning time and minimising the risk of slips and falls.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various settings, including restrooms, restaurants, and lobbies. The large mop pad is particularly effective for addressing spills that require immediate attention to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Gel Transformation for Easy Transport: The absorbed liquid is transformed into a gel, preventing any dripping or leaking when transporting the used mop pad away from the spill area. This feature adds an extra layer of cleanliness and convenience.

Compact Dispensing Carton: The ten mop pads are conveniently stored in a compact dispensing carton, making it easy to store in tight spaces and ensuring an accessible and organised solution for quick clean-ups.

Item Code: 2017059

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