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Rubbermaid 9S11 Portable Mobile Barrier Expanding

Rubbermaid 9S11 Portable Mobile Barrier Expanding
Rubbermaid 9S11 Portable Mobile Barrier Expanding
Price: AUD $1,098.90 (Ex GST AUD $999.00)
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The Rubbermaid Portable 4-Meter Mobile Barrier is a versatile and highly visible tool designed for indoor use to effectively warn people and restrict access to areas where they should not enter. 

Here are the key features and details of this barrier:

High Visibility: The barrier is coloured in safety yellow, making it highly visible and easily noticeable, essential for safety and compliance purposes.

Flexible Articulated Panels: The barrier consists of articulated panels that are flexible and can be arranged in various configurations, whether straight, curved, or circular. This adaptability allows it to be customised to fit different space layouts and shapes.

Compact Storage: The barrier is designed to fold easily for storage, and it has a compact footprint when stored (50 x 330mm). This space-saving design makes it convenient to store when not in use.

Extended Coverage: It includes 16 articulated panels that can extend to cover a length of 4 meters. This provides a significant coverage area for cordoning off spaces.

Easy Mobility: Two 125mm non-marking castors are attached to the barrier, allowing easy maneuvering. This feature makes it convenient to reposition the barrier as needed.

Locking Straps: Four locking straps secure the barrier when not in use, ensuring it remains neatly stored and ready for future use.

Lightweight: The barrier is relatively lightweight at 16.8kg, making it easy to handle and move when necessary.

Order Code: FG9S1100 YEL

Specifications of Rubbermaid 9S11 Portable Mobile Barrier: 

Open (H x L x W): 101.6 x 396 x 2.54cm
Closed (H x L x W):  101.6 x 61 x 33cm
Weight:  16.8kg

For a 9S11 Portable Mobile Barrier and a comprehensive range of Commercial Rubbermaid Products, visit our Online Rubbermaid Store. 

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