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Maxi Bin P45 Wall Hanging & Stackable Container Micro Bins

Maxi Bin P45 Wall Hanging & Stackable Container Micro Bins
Price: AUD $25.20 (Ex GST AUD $22.91)

P45 Maxi Bins are strong and robust stackable bins.

They have a special lip on the rear to securely attach to the Maxi Bin Louvred Panels, but also are easily removable when required. 

Features of P45 Maxi Bins

  • Made from high strength polypropylene that resists discolouration from oil and grease
  • Smooth insides with curved edges make bins easy to clean and provides quick and easy product picking.
  • P 45 is available in Red 
  • Unique rear recessed holding grip
  • Deep rear lip to facilitate bin hanging on louvred panel
  • Uniquely moulded top rim to ensure secure stacking
  • Reinforced moulding provides stacking strength
  • Wide base moulding to stack securely
  • Wide identification label 

P45 Bins when used with the Maxi Louvered Panels provide a complete storage system

Maxi Bins hang in a high density, free configuration - making them perfect  for easy small parts picking.

Seven sizes of Maxi Bins available

Maxi P5 Bin:

Maxi P10 Bin

Maxi P20 Bin

Maxi P30 Bin

Maxi P40 Bin

Maxi P45 Bin

Dimensions:    145mm H x 180mm W x 440mm D

Max Load:       13kg

Panel Density: Approximately 6.5 bins fit into a linear metre of standard 457mm wide louvre panel

Dividers:  Front to back Dividers available - accommodate 1

                 Left to Right Dividers available - accommodate 7

Maxi P60 Bin 

The diagram below will help you to determine how many of the Maxi Bins can be mixed and matched to fit on the louvred panels. 

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